Bioenergi LuleƄ

About Bioenergi

Bioenergi began producing fuel pellets in 1998 and today we are one of the major pellet producers in Sweden with a capacity of 95,000 metric tons of pellets per year. Our fuel pellets are certified first class, A1 by a wide margin, according to the Swedish Standard SS-EN ISO 17225-2:2014 A1. Our corporate customers are primarily power and heating plants as well as energy companies in Sweden and Europe. Our private customers receive direct deliveries in Norrbotten and via retailersin the rest of Sweden. The close proximity to Luleå’s deep water harbour means that a large part of our production is shipped to our customers.

Pellet production at Bioenergi happens in one of Europe’s most modern pellet plants. The factory with 16 employees is located in the Aronstorp Industrial Area of Luleå, near the SSAB steel mill. The drying process utilises some of the local energy surplus, meaning that pellets can be produced with minimal environmental impact. Annual production is enough for the heating of about 12,000 detached houses, equivalent to the energy content of 45,000 m3 of heating oil. We are certified according to the ENPlus A1 standard, as producers, guaranteeing a thoroughly high-quality product. Please ask for the possibility to supply ENPlus pellets. Additionally, we are FSC® certified by SGS (FSC-C014195); certifying that we use raw materials produced using responsible forestry methods. We also have BSL certificates for delivery to the U.K. market, where that is a prerequisite for customers to be able to apply for RHI certification.


Bioenergi i Luleå AB. Uddebovägen 5. Box 50100, 973 23 Luleå, Sweden. Switchboard:+46(0)920-264400.