Bioenergi LuleƄ


We guarantee a certain heating content in our pellets. This is a major advantage to you as you can always be sure of receiving the same amount of heating per ton of wood pellets. Your pellet heating will be pleasantly consistent and you can avoid unnecessary adjustments to your furnace. You can also be sure that you are getting maximal heating for your money. We can confidently give you this quality assurance because we are so meticulous in our production process.

Every sack, every delivery, is trackable in our systems. We know which truck carried the raw materials for each finished batch of pellets. We know the exact dry matter content after drying and before pressing. We take samples from our production every other hour, 24/7/365, analysing them in our laboratory. For maximum quality assurance, we take responsibility even when the pellets are being delivered to you from the factory, the delivery driver takes one sample per delivery. The results are noted in your order.

We are certified according to the ENPlus A1 standard, as producers, guaranteeing a thoroughly high-quality product. Please ask for the possibility to supply ENPlus pellets. Our fuel pellets are certified first class, A1, by a wide margin according to the Swedish Standard SS-EN ISO 17225-2:2014 A1.


Bioenergi i Luleå AB. Uddebovägen 5. Box 50100, 973 23 Luleå, Sweden. Switchboard:+46(0)920-264400.