Bioenergi LuleƄ


Pellets come from a waste product, something left over from other production processes, namely sawdust. Making use of this waste is part of a larger environmental vision. The fact is that no other conventional heating system is as environmentally friendly as pellets, no matter how you look at it. Pellets are 100% natural - and thus completely renewable.

Additionally, we are FSC® certified by SGS (FSC-C014195); certifying that we use raw materials produced with responsible forestry methods. Our pellets contain nothing but sawdust from sawmills located in northern Sweden - they are guaranteed free from additives. Their surface looks slightly shiny because lignin, the wood’s own natural glue, is utilised in the production process to make the fibres stick together.


Bioenergi i Luleå AB. Uddebovägen 5. Box 50100, 973 23 Luleå, Sweden. Switchboard:+46(0)920-264400.